"You've nailed Enterprise CRM": top 10 broker

Technology that is used from leads to closings. And, staying in touch.

  1. iPhone, iPad & Google Android apps for your clients. [86 second video] "Like Crack!"

  2. Agent App with live trends/statistics, cma, hot sheet notifications, open house leads, documents, showings, CRM services and sync. [50 seconds vs 50 clicks] Agent App is your fastest onboard tool.

  3. "I clean up with the agent app": a very successful agent.

  4. Beautiful agent and broker websites [AVM example] with text search, lead management and SEO services configured just for you.

  5. Cloud CRM with a sophisticated rules engine, assignment, notifications, aggregation and surveys. Auto-fill everywhere.

  6. Gorgeous photography, panoramas [1 2 3 4] and video presentations. Ideal for the instagram and snapchat era.

  7. Open documents and transactions that you control. Auto-fill from listings, CRM and personnel data. Use and share anywhere. In person signatures.

  8. CRM powers your mortgage, home warranty, insurance, title and recruiting opportunities.

  9. A project manager works with you to make sure your technology investment is effective [191 second video].

The best real estate cloud and app software, from leads to closings.
“I firmly believe that the tech they have is bringing them business. We used their (large brokerage) app on our iPhones constantly.”